Sales Assured is an initiative designed to ensure the best practice in face to face marketing for customers. We do not engage sales agents or fundraisers, however we work with the companies that do so and they are the Members of Sales Assured.

Representatives engaged by our Members are held accountable for their behaviour and complete training as part of their accreditation.

With a commitment to improving the customer experience, Sales Assured has established guidelines to improve service standards. These include standards in recruitment, training, accreditation and ongoing monitoring of representatives. In this way, customers can be confident when dealing with representatives face to face at their door, on the street, at a kiosk or at their business.

Those companies which choose to be Members are demonstrating their commitment to improving the standards of face to face marketing across many industry sectors. The robust standards can apply for energy, telcos, Pay TV, energy efficiency, charities and more.

Some members also choose to have their telephone sales agents accredited with Sales Assured.

Whilst recognising that there are laws, such as the Australian Consumer Law, that govern face to face marketing, Sales Assured aims to lift the bar further and ensure the strictest compliance and most ethical practices by sales agents and fundraisers when dealing with customers face to face.

Sales Assured also works with The Energy Charter and manages the National Customer Code for Energy Brokers, Consultants and Retailers. To find out more about the Code or other #BetterTogether initiatives, visit